Making Your Art in a Cafe

Art café is not only a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee, but also a great place to hang out with your friends and family. The smell of brewing coffee and glass of milk make a somehow relaxing feeling. If you are an artist, there are some art community cafés that can allow you to display some of your artworks. It offers some benefits to your work as well.

  • Try to find some art cafés that may be approve your request. It will be easy for you if you can find in your area that you know. Even if it just a simple café, but it can give a proper venue to display your works.
  • After you find an Art café for your arts, talk to the manager of the shop, and discuss your suggestion. It would be best if you talk face to face for more discussion of some agreement. We know that not all businesses are all the same in terms of agreement. So, don’t be bothered if you receive any rejection, but you must try with the next one.

Don’t assume that your art will have a high profit, and you must expect that it will be cheaper if you hang it in a café than the art gallery. Some of the owners and art cafés will be happier and let you hang your work in having a cheap or free place display in their café. Also, there will have some benefits for you and your artworks, also to the coffee shop. By displaying it in the art café, you will receive more exposure to your works and a wider audience, and maybe there’s someone gets interested and buys some of your arts. Also, it can be discovered by some professional photographer or art connoisseur and maybe will get trendy in social media. The café will have more customers, and your artwork gets more recognized.