Preparing your Artworks in an Art Community Café

Cafés is one of the best places to showcase artworks. If you already found a café that displays your works, that’s great! But if not, here are some simple tips on how to prepare your artworks in a cafe.

  • Make a grand statement for your artworks and also about yourself as an Artist. It will help the audience to understand and connect with your artworks and also to know you.
  • Preferably, have enough supply of frame for your artworks. Being simple and finding the style just like the theme of the café is much better. Using a classy and simple frame is catchier to the eyes of the audience.
  • Don’t think of displaying your large artworks in a coffee shop. Your small artwork may the one much better to display and hangs more of them on the wall. If you were going to put some large of your artwork, you might compete for wall spaces with the other artist that is also putting their arts. So, the more spaces you have you will contribute more small pieces to hang in the wall. People more likely to buy a smaller work than the big one. To catch attention with your large artwork, you can use some websites and art gallery or gallery page to let people know of your larger artworks.

Once you are done doing these things, enjoy the result and gain wide audience eager to see and get amazed of your artworks. At the same time, they are also supporting a local business Art Café. This can boost your self- esteem and, maybe lower down your rent. By use of your artwork, the art café will be more engaging to the community, it gives the guest a new and unique look and also a give reason to the customers to return for update and come back for the new art displays.